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ANIMAX: מכשיר החייאה למוסדות – איי. טי. שיקום

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הדגמת שימוש במכשיר ANIMAX
The Animax was developed to assist particularly Red Cross personnel, firemen and emergency medical technicians with a user-friendly maintenance-free device for optimum resuscitation. Yet also for the professional medical field animax is an excellent aid. The user merely operates a lever calling for little physical effort. The device employs the CPR-method (cardiac massage and ventilation alternating 30:2) and it is put on the patient in 15-20 seconds.
Depending on the size of the patient’s chest, the device automatically recognizes the required depth for an effective cardiac massage. This is also a valuable protection to avoid breaking ribs and other injuries. The ventilation volume sets itself between 500 and 600 ml. An integrated throttling of the ventilation pressure keeps the patient from getting bloated. To be independent from any type of energy source the animax works exclusively on the basis of precise mechanics. Due to the level’s transfer of power the operator feels more precisely the strength of the compression compared to standard CPR during which the assistant uses his or her entire upper body for the compression.

Animax – optimum reanimation

In case of cardiac arrest it is decisive to perform quick and effective resuscitation to save a person’s life. The animax offers the possibility for an optimum and continuous CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation).                                                            3

It features precise mechanics and works thus without any source of energy. Therefore, this resuscitation device is particularly suitable for application on the road. One assistant is sufficient to put the animax quickly on a patient; also the device is adaptable to each patient’s individual chest size.
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