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1. Counseling at customer's home regarding mobility, accessibility, nursing care, medical and sports rehabilitation.

2. Counseling for fitting and locating sitting solutions, and fitting lightweight nursing and power wheelchairs.

3. Initial counseling for accident victims, presenting expert court testimony and counsel for attorneys.

4. Import, marketing and fitting stair lifts, disability lifts, permanent and portable lifts, and at the top of the list the world's leading portable stair lift from SmaX, and the compact portable stair lift from the house of AAT Alber Germany.

5. Import, marketing and fitting lightweight wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and nursing wheelchairs. We are the sole representatives in Israel for a number of leading wheelchair manufacturers.

6. Import and marketing of mattresses and seating cushions from Tempur-Med, Denmark and from Roho Dry Flotation, USA for the prevention of pressure ulcers. These are mattresses and cushions that have become the most widespread in the world for the prevention of pressure ulcers. Thousands of hospitals around the world use Tempur mattresses in operating rooms, in ICU's, in premature baby wards, or in geriatrics. In international surveys Tempur products have been proven to be the most efficient in the prevention of pressure ulcers among patients with the highest risk of developing the sores.

7. Nursing care beds from Germany – double beds, single beds, and special beds that can be separated. The beds include nursing mechanisms such as low-high, Fowler, Trendlenburg and standing positions.

8. Medica, Germany exercise and physiotherapy equipment – Thera Trainers, the series of active-passive exercise equipment that has become the most important item in the rehabilitation of the disabled are used in every rehab institute in Israel. First among all the trainers is Thera Vital, the dream trainer of every rehab center or disabled person in his home.

9. Standers and standing equipment – a range of standers for paraplegics and quadriplegics, from the best manufacturers in the world, among them ACTI-Stand and EasyStand

10. Patient lifting equipment, patient moving equipment, wall and ceiling lifts.

11. Power chairs, scooters, electric scooters, electric vehicles from the best manufacturers in Israel and the world.

At your service with love always!

The staff at AT – A Worldwide Revolution in Rehabilitation

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