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AT Rehabilitation was founded in 1995 after the death of my mother, Miriam tsadok OBM. My mother died after a long period of suffering, as a result of pressure ulcers that had worsened during "quality" medical hospitalization.

I founded AT Rehabilitation in honor of my mother, who gave me the belief in myself, the ability to distinguish between the important and the insignificant, between good and evil, and the courage to go that one step further.

From then until the present I have continued studying and broadening my personal knowledge in the fields of rehabilitation and nursing, through an honest desire to aid the handicapped population in Israel.

Through personal experience I learned that the greatest difficulty stems from lack of knowledge. A family, when exposed out of necessity to the world of rehabilitation and nursing care for the first time, lost between hospitals, rehabilitation centers, professionals, suppliers and government institutions goes through a most frustrating ordeal.

And so, a significant part of my activities is devoted to gaining that knowledge and passing it on to you, to save you that feeling of being lost. A staff of experienced rehabilitation consultants will be happy to come to you, and answer any question on the subject, as well as on matters of bureaucracy.

Wishing you good health and quality of life,
Tsafrir tsadok, CEO

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