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נגישון – c-max U1


נגישון –
c-max U1

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Technical Data
approved total weight170 kg | 190 kg 
max. weight of the person140 kg | 160 kg 
climbing speed8 — 23 steps per minute (continually adjustable) 
range with one charge of the batteries and an average load of 75 kgapprox. 25 levels (equals 375 steps) 
max. height of step210 | 225 mm (extended) 
width485 mm | 440 mm without arm rests 
depth915 mm | 730 mm folded in foot rest 
height1090 mm | 1440 mm drawn-out handles 
batteries2 x 12 V / 5 Ah 
direct current motor24 V / 275 W 
weight of the climbing unit18,1 kg 
weight of the C part plus seat5,5 kg 
weight of the back rest4,5 kg 
weight of both arm rests1,2 kg 
weight of the battery pack4,1 kg 
total weight33,4 kg 
width, height, depth, seat350 mm / 500 mm / 410 mm 


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