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FLYER XL with electrical opening legs


CE certified and manufactured in France, the FLYER XL with electrical opening legs is a specialized model of patient for bariatric patients, made in steel and whose maximum lifting capacity is 250 kg.

Efficient and powerful, it is a high-end device allowing secure and optimized handling for daily transfers due to its lifting power, its enhanced mobility and flexibility of use.

Specially designed for community use, it is equipped with a lithium battery which enhances the use of the device by increasing the time of use and reducing the charging time.

שתף עם חברים

It answers the requirement that bariatric quality treatment must be carried out in suitable and specific devices, taking into account the difficulties related to the care of various morphologies.
Its electrical opening base legs, from 70 cm to 100 cm, allows large widths armchairs or wheelchairs and an ease of access.


The FLYER XL with electrical opening legs is mostly recommended:
– for a bariatric patient who has no self-support
– for a bariatric patient who is totally dependent and bedridden


– Equipped with an overpowering lifting actuator of 10 000 N for patients up to 250 kg
– Great lifting range limiting the risk of knee contact against the actuator and to perform a lifting from the floor
– Designed specifically for bariatric patients
– Excellent qualities of manoeuvrability due to its wheels with double ball bearing castors


– 4-point spreader bar for an even weight distribution
– New motorisation: updated software for an enhanced use
– Overpowering lifting actuator (10 000 N)
– Lithium battery for a longer time of use


Made in France

CE certified

Class 1 medical device

Weight capacity: 250 kg

Lifting actuator power: 10 000 N

Electrical opening actuator power: 3 000 N

Total weight: 42 kg

Steel manufacturing

Epoxy baked painting

Double ball bearing castors

Standard: NF EN ISO 10535:2007

Warranty: 5 years (except battery and breakage)


Total length: 1250 mm
Minimum lifting height: 660 mm
Maximum lifting height: 1820 mm
Total height: 1250 mm
Height of chassis: 113 mm
Minimum base width: 700 mm
Maximum base width: 1000 mm
Turning diameter: 1430 mm


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4. Certificate
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