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NAUSICAA Weighing System


All our patient lifts can be equipped with an optional weighing system to facilitate daily work of caregivers.

CE certified, the NAUSICAA Weighing System makes it easy to determine the weight of patients up to 300 kg during transfers by a hoist.

The patient lift maximum capacity on which it will be assembled prevails on the weighing system.

שתף עם חברים

It can only be mounted only on a NAUSICAA Medical patient lift and is supplied with fixings (with a simple hook to reduce the loss of useful height).


– TARE: turns the system to zero, even with a weight suspended to the system
– HOLD: displays a steady weight even if the system oscillates
– UNIT: selects the desired unit of measure
– ZERO: used to define the absolute zero


CE Certified

Weight capacity: 300 kg

Accuracy: 100 g

Dimensions (in mm): 80 x 40 x 150

Total weight: 300 g

Battery Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA battery (supplied)

Reference: PESEE-NA

Warranty: 1 year (except battery and breakage)


1. Marketing brochure
2. User manual
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